Residential Septic Cleaning

Residential Septic Cleaning

Keep Your Residential Septic System Free of Clogs

The best way to ensure a proper pump-out of your septic tank is by having a manhole on your tank for easy access. Our team has 10 years of experience in maintaining residential septic tanks to avoid early septic system failures.

A neglected septic tank can become a very expensive and unsightly problem. You can rely on the team at Manny's Septic Services to provide you with a full range of septic services and keep your system running in top condition for a long period of time. 

Our Residential Septic Repair and Installation Services

  • Discovering existing old septic tanks or cesspool
  • Installing manhole riser tank covers
  • Video Camera inspection for pipe lines
  • Replacing missing parts such as baffles and other components
  • Installing or replacing septic alarms
  • Replacing and repairing effluent sewage pumps
  • Installing or replacing Zabel filters

Find Out Why Septic Maintenance Is Important For Your On-Site System

Using chemicals or additives in your system could damage or deteriorate the system and can also cause serious health issues. It's advisable to use filters as they extract all the unwanted materials from the tank. The tank must be pumped through the large central access ports, or manholes, and not from the inspection ports because it may lead to the incomplete removal of sludge and scum from the tank.

Frequency of Cleaning

Pumping depends on a variety of factors.  The number of people in your household, appliances used etc.  Typically, tanks should be cleaned every three to five years, but this varies considerably based on your specific situation. The recommended procedure is to have an annual tank inspection and have the tank pumped as necessary to avoid a major problem.  If your system has not been inspected in the last few years we recommend having it done immediately.  Your septic system is a large investment, and the cost of consistent plumbing is minimal compared to the cost of replacing a neglected system.  

How a Septic System Works

A septic system has two main parts.  The septic tank and a soil absorption system.  The tank receives waste from the house, removes a majority of the solids and this allows the liquid to proceed to the ground without clogging the soil pores.

Other Maintenance Tips

  1. Know the location of your septic tank, and make sure that it is kept in a secure location for reference.
  2. Refrain from planting large trees or shrubs near your septic system.  The leach field and pipes can become clogged by the roots of trees.
  3. Refrain from paving on top of your leach system.
  4. Do not let the heavy rain pour onto leach field area from higher areas such as a roof, gutters, or higher ground.
  5. Refrain from disposing of paper towels, wet wipes, diapers etc. in your septic system.
  6. Refrain from having heavy vehicles or machinery on top of your septic system.  This can cause damage and result in a significant investment for you.