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Call Us Today!
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Manny's Septic Services, Inc. understands the best way to ensure a proper pump-out to your septic tank is by having a manhole on your tank for easy access. Based on our experience, improper servicing and poor maintenance are the common causes of early system failures. When it comes to property maintenance, we often take for granted the things that we can’t see. Septic tanks are one of those important things we forget about.
That neglected septic tank can become a very expensive and unsightly problem. This is the more reason to have a properly cared for and properly maintained septic tank system. We perform a full range of septic services and can keep your system running for years to come.
Our services include replacing old septic tanks, installing manhole riser tank covers, repairing existing issues, replacing missing parts such as baffles and other components, installing or replacing septic alarm systems, swamp pumps and Zabel filters.
Filters are essential to extracting all the material from the tank. The tank must be pumped through the large central access ports called manholes, not from the inspection ports above in-coming or out-going baffle. That yields incomplete removal of sludge and scum from the tank. Using additives in septic tanks instead of pumping is not recommended. In fact, using any type of chemicals in your system could damage or deteriorate the system and in other cases those chemicals can create serious health problems.

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